Employee Invention


Paul & Albrecht Patentanwaltssozietät - Employee InventionIn order for a company to be able to file a patent or utility model, the rights to the invention must be transferred from the inventor or the inventors to the company. With employees´ inventions one must apply the rules of the Employee Invention Act, which is often unknown in small and medium-sized industry and is therefore not applied. It is therefore not infrequent for irreparable errors to occur.

We advise our clients in all questions of employee invention law, including questions of compensation payments. We help in the setting up of the most efficient organisation possible of the employee inventor matters in the operations of our clients and here can fall back on experience gained in the reorganisation of patent departments in large companies. If so desired, however, we can also take over the whole organisation of the empolyee inventor matters for our clients. With disputes relating to employee invention law we represent our clients before the Arbitration Court of the German Patent and Trademark Office and before the Ordinary Courts.