Design Patent


Paul & Albrecht Patentanwaltssozietät - Design PatentMany objects acquire character by means of aesthetics. Traditionally these are fabrics, items of furniture, lamps, etc.

However, technical objects are also increasingly being designed from an aesthetic point of view, for example computers, television sets, telephones etc., and even investment goods such as machine tools. A reason for this is that such items give the impression of higher value and one can therefore achieve better prices, that there is more pleasure in working with them and that only then it is possible to protect the product effectively against product piracy. The protection is generally achieved by a German design patent application, a Community design patent valid throug the EU, an international design registration or by national design patent applications.

Protection is not restricted to identical copies, but also includes imitations which have been modified, but into which the important design elements have nevertheless been incorporated. Protection can be provided - at least In Germany - quickly and efficiently by means of provisional injunction, and the registration of this only gives rise to low costs.

From the very start of our office we had clients who regularly filed objects for design patent protection, i.e. nationally, within the European Union and internationally, the latter by making applications for international design patents with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)  in Geneva.

Not only do we represent our clients before the appropriate offices, but also before the ordinary Courts in case of design patent infringements. Of course we also carry out searches for the existence of older design protection rights and produce expert opinions in the event of a collision with design protection laws.