Domain Name


The introduction of the Internet and the associated use of domain names as website addresses has led to a flood of name and mark law disputes, not least because the peculiarities of the Internet make it easy to block the marks of third parties with a small degree of effort (known as: Domain grabbing). Initially the Courts had difficulties to incorporate the use of domains into the mark law system. Meanwhile, as with the legal handling of domain names a standard has been achieved in the industrial countries which generally allows reliable assessment of legal disputes in connection with domain names and enables effective advice for the purpose of avoiding such disputes.

From the very start of the internet our office has been involved in consultancy regarding legal problems with domain names, and we can therefore fall back upon wide-ranging experience in this field.

We carry out search and represent our clients in the unauthorised use of domains, the reintroduction of domains reserved unlawfully, representation in UDRP proceedings before the WIPO in Geneva and also with all other problems in connection with domain names. Moreover, we help our clients with the protection of domain names.