Schröter & Albrecht Patentanwälte PartG mbB

About us

First and foremost we look after small and medium-sized companies. However, our office is also held in high regard by a number of large companies with which we regularly work. Our clients are distributed all over Germany and are also located in neighbouring foreign countries. Moreover, we represent clients especially from the USA, Japan and China, but also from Sweden, France and Italy.

Due to the composition of the staff of our office, we are in a position to advise and represent our clients in the field of industrial property rights in all areas of technology and science (execpt plant protection) within the following portfolio:

By means of our appropriate admittance all lawyers of ours can represent our clients directly before the German Patent and Trademark Office, the European Patent Office and the Office for Harmonisation (responsible for EU trademarks and EU design patents). When representing our clients before national patent offices in foreign countries we co-operate with a network of offices of foreign colleagues of which we know, upon the basis of many years collaboration, that they understand their business and that they will do so at moderate cost.

In legal fields from which patent attorneys are barred due to the Patent Attorneys´ Act we call upon external lawyers who are specialists and recognized in the respective legal matter in question as required, i.e. in particular regarding the infringement of industrial property rights. We use to work with a number of lawyer offices which are outstanding due to their experience in industrial property rights and therefore guarantee our clients the best advice and enforcement of their rights. Needless to say we also gladly co-operate with lawyer offices which are the in-house lawyers of our clients or are recommended by the latter.